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We collaborate with manufacturing plants nationwide, including those in the food, chemical, and furniture industries. Our approach to waste management is always innovative to achieve both environmental and economic benefits. As the only company in the country, we utilize mechanical separation technology to separate food products and everyday chemicals from their packaging, regardless of the material (glass, plastic, metal, aluminum, paper, and even Tetra Paks). Our efficiency reaches up to 80 tons of goods per hour!

We employ advanced solutions in recycling secondary raw materials and bio-recycling organic matter, which is then transformed into biogas, alcohol, fertilizer, or compost. It is one of the ways we strive to minimize our impact on the natural environment per Polish and European laws. Additionally, we effectively and irreversibly destroy trademarks.

Furthermore, we offer outsourcing services for in-house waste management. We provide our clients with qualified personnel, train their employees or supply specialized equipment. We are capable of managing all waste generated within a facility. We combine high-quality services with a competitive price, benefiting the social and natural environment and the company’s budget.
Our specific solutions are based on a thorough audit of our client’s needs. The audit also fosters the development of individual and tailored solutions. A collection of prestigious certifications and long-standing partnerships with renowned companies confirms our proficiency. We constantly expand our network of partners, so if you would like to join them but believe that certain types of waste cannot be processed, call us, and you will discover the range of services we can offer specifically to you.