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We assist in fulfilling obligations related to the management of waste, water and wastewater management, air emissions, and other industry-specific requirements.

We provide the following services:

  • Comprehensive record-keeping and reporting:
    • environmental monitoring,
    • preparation of various reports and statements, including environmental impact assessments, waste reports, permits, documents for the National Centre for Emissions Management, etc.
  • Permit application assistance:
    • full support in preparing and submitting permit applications,
    • guidance throughout the decision-making process for permits related to waste transport, collection, processing, emissions, water use, etc.
  • Supervision of Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:
    • implementation of the management system,
    • preparation and attainment of the certification,
    • subsequent maintenance of the system.
  • Specialized and customized environmental training:
    • tailored training programs on environmental protection,
    • topics cover many areas, such as waste management, water, and wastewater management, air emissions, etc.
  • On-demand legal assistance in environmental matters:
    • provision of legal advice and support for environmental issues,
    • representation during inspections, audits, and administrative proceedings.
  • Supply of customized computer software:
    • tailored software solutions enabling integrated and comprehensive real-time management of environmental data.

Our services aim to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, streamline ecological management processes, and support organizations in meeting their environmental obligations. By offering services such as comprehensive record-keeping, permit application assistance, ISO 14001 supervision, specialized training, legal support, and customized software, we provide a genuinely holistic approach to environmental management.