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It is one of the stages of preparing waste for further processing in recovery processes, which we carry out in two plants: in Kaski (Mazovia Province) and Boleszyn (Warmia–Masuria Province). Thanks to our six technological lines, we can swiftly handle dry and liquid products, including those in bottles and jars.

In Kaski, we receive food waste, which is then directed to biological recovery after unpacking, while household chemicals and cosmetics waste are further processed in material recovery processes. These products mainly include:

  • jams and preserves,
  • chips, sweets (chocolate products, candies, cookies), snacks (sticks, nuts), cereal flakes,
  • beverages (juices, water, carbonated and energizing drinks),
  • cosmetics (creams, shampoos, balms, toners, mouthwashes),
  • household chemicals (powders, liquids).

In Boleszyn, we destroy waste that, after unpacking, is processed in a biogas plant. It includes mainly Category 3 animal by-products, returns of expired products from logistics centers and retail chains, as well as food products deemed defective or unsuitable for consumption. These include:

  • fruits and vegetables,
  • dairy products (yogurts, cheeses, butter, whey, etc.),
  • meat and fish products (canned goods, cold cuts, instant dishes),
  • bakery products (bread, pizzas, tortillas),
  • spices, mustards, ketchup, mayonnaise, and sauces.

Both plants are monitored internally and externally. The camera footage is recorded 24/7, and we store the recordings for three months. The premises of both plants are fenced to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic (entrances and exits) is controlled through a single main gate, facilitating cargo transport supervision and personnel control, guaranteeing our clients that their products are fully utilized according to the agreement.